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New Patient Reviews

Same Team!!

Very friendly and knowledgeable. It’s great to feel like one of the team members so we can work together for my improvements and better well being from my injury.

Carol G.

What a difference!!

I am 48 years old, played high school and college sports and have the aches, pains and squeaks to prove it. After several trips to my orthopedic, cortisone shots, and gel injections on my knees, I was still left with a fair amount of pain, creaking and instability. The orthopedic surgeon made it clear I was looking at new knee parts in the next 3-5 years in addition to injections, and definitely knee replacement within 5-10 years. It was not uncommon to start my mornings shaking out my leg that was either numb or locked out. At Dr. Lanahan’s suggestion, I gave the MLS treatment a try. I will be honest; I was a skeptic at first. After the very first treatment, the knee was noticeably improved over the untreated one- no numbness in mornings, less pain. Second treatment, it felt more stable and less creaky. I was still not buying in. Waiting to see if it would last or improve more. By the 5th treatment I was sold. No creaks, no aches, no numbness, no fear of a misstep or trip should the knee give out. It did not make me feel like a super hero or like I was 18 again. It made me feel whole, and capable of living my life the way I want to live it. My knee was not holding me back. I can keep up with my 9 and 11 yr old kids, whether walking miles at a waterpark all day or in sports. I am confident to coach their teams. I have since had the left knee treated with MLS and will continue treatments 2-3x a year to maintain the results and ensure the benefits the treatments have given me. Thank you Dr. Lanahan!

Dan H.

Already Feel Improvement

I am very hopeful that Dr. Lanahan will help my situation and I do feel a lot of improvement after just a few visits. I also like the helpful advice of things I can do at home to improve my movements.

Betty P.


I am overly impressed with Dr. Lanahan and her staff. I was very hesitant seeking Chiropractic care for my 16 year old daughter. I felt immediately at ease with both the doctor and her staff. I am confident that my daughter will find relief. We are on our third treatment and have already seen it. I would highly recommend Dr. Lanahan and would be happy to be used as a reference. Looking forward to the entire family getting help!

Jasmine C.

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